Take Care Of Your Health To Achieve Your Best Version

Take Care Of Your Health To Achieve Your Best Version

We continue with the theme that many encourage us and are able to help you feel more energy to take your health and your life to a higher level.

As I said in an earlier post the first step begins by THINKING that you want to change, know the goal. Eating better, smoking less or living more relaxed would be very unspecific goals. A more effective health statement of your goal should include aspects about how, in how long, in what way, etc. “I want to lose 5 kg before New Year and remove stimulants and toxic substances from my diet”

But let’s face it. A health goal will get you out of your routine and it’s going to cost, so it’s doubtful that you get it with a mere statement. Hence the importance of identifying your “for question”, discover your true motivation, and in line with the previous case complete e.g. with: “I want to lose 5 kg before the New Year by removing sugars and toxins from my diet, to find myself more confident in the group I lead and have more resistance in the care of my son.”

Take Care Of Your Health To Achieve Your Best VersionIn this way once you have prepared your conscious, you will also inject that energy that your subconscious requires to begin to open and it will be much easier for you to move towards your goal.

Once you have well defined your goal comes the time to act. The “decision to act” is not the same as “acting”. Although almost everyone knows what they want to get and how to start, not everyone is predisposed to make that change in the same way. It’s like when a coach plans his play before going on the field in a sports competition. Therefore, many people have to work their trust.

“The thought, the vision, the dream … always precedes the action” O. Marden

Trusting oneself is having the ability to decide and be able to change. For this we return to the mind. Exercise thinking and training, it helps to gain security and confidence in oneself and it is vital to have results; this is where your words can work. Words generate different types of energy in our body, therefore, if we carry positively with mantras of the type: “I can do it”, “every day as healthier”, “when I take care of me I am more productive”, etc. Our cells will begin to activate toward change.

And where do you find yourself regarding that goal? : Pay attention to your daily behaviors and ask yourself:

What acts and choices support my health goal (eating more vegetables and fruit, exercising, having time for my personal growth?) Write them down, even if they seem ridiculous or unimportant.

What daily saboteurs (situations, people, environments, etc.) prevent me from carrying out what I want to achieve and tempt me to change my healthier habits?

What information, what support do I need to have to achieve my goal? What information, what help do I have within my reach?

The answers to these questions will give you a clear picture of your starting point, the one that is necessary to be able to act and strengthen your next steps. And this will require you to do two other things:

  1. Create your action plan and
  2. Measure your progress.

An action plan is something that transforms your good intentions into something concrete and achievable.

To create an action plan ask you:

– What / who could be the support to start?

– When will I start making these changes?

– What will be my first step?

– What will be my next step?

– Who can help me during the shift?

– Who can sabotage me, intentionally or not?

– What are my obstacles?

– What would you have to stop doing to get this change?

– How can I adapt my environment to help me?

– How will I measure my progress? (Energy, voltage, weight, etc.)

– How will I be rewarded if I get it (Brain reward area that generates new behavioral neuronal pattern).

I advise my clients to ask those initial questions before beginning to design a plan to achieve their health goal. Every building needs a structure to sustain new changes and actions.

I invite you to generate that action plan that works for you and to continue discovering the questions that will make your new lifestyle can transform you into that healthy version that will allow you to express your life to the fullest.

Are you ready to reach the best version of yourself? Did you like this article? If you want you can share it or make your comments and give your opinion below.

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