5 Obstacles You Need To Save To Improve Your Smile

5 Obstacles You Need To Save To Improve Your Smile

Christmas is approaching and we remember the good intentions of the year, so today I want to put one of the most urgent tasks on my list: go to my review with the dentist! This includes bribing some of my family’s wayward young people whose oral conscience is nothing short of nonexistent, and thus paints their smile.

I recognize that I have always been proud of my teeth. In my house, the chuches did not smell, and my father taught us to brush our teeth almost before walking. “However, I have sinned overconfidence and now I am worried about the recession of my gums and, of course, the possible decay.

These oversights and other obstacles prevent our smile from remaining fresh and shiny. Therefore, and honoring one of the premises of coaching that says that the first thing to improve is to become aware, I will list 5 of the most frequent obstacles in which we tend to fall for not taking care of the mouth:

1. Lack of symptoms

The plaque does not hurt, the enamel does not fall, the gums do not disturb, but the fact of not having pain does not mean that your mouth is healthy. It is known that we should go to the dentist’s office at least once a year, but still many are still waiting to feel the phlegmon. In my case, even though I have not had anything serious, I periodically examine my mouth and especially watch my gums to prevent gingivitis and other ‘silent disorders’ that can damage the root of the tooth and the tissues that support it.

5 Obstacles You Need To Save To Improve Your Smile2. Price

The price of dental treatments is not exactly cheap and this fact can deter you from taking care of yourself. Fortunately, many are unaware that this situation is changing.   Today dental health has become a right. Did you know that social dental care offers very affordable alternatives so that taking care of the mouth is no obstacle for anyone?

This paradigm shift brings with it a new concept of patient care. Currently, we are committed to a new patient-focused care concept. In fact, this business model allocates a large part of its benefits to granting patients aids, so that they can access the treatment they need.

Centers like Idental have developed a system of aids that can cover from 60% to 100% of the total cost of the treatments, so that the price is no longer a problem, there is also a free phone to find out.

3. Consciousness in brushing

Most staff spends their day hours away from home and forgets the recommendation to brush their teeth 3 times a day. I usually wear it rigorously but it does not mean I do it right. How many are careful to go through each tooth,   massage the gums to strengthen or use a suitable brush? (These last points I’ll save that for another post, since I have seen brushes ‘active’ that deserve mention part. Please change the brush past two months is a basic! 4. Power

Certain foods we eat daily such as after-dinner candy, can or coffee, are true poisons for our teeth because of their sugar content, sweetening and acidifying substances that cause decay and steal calcium. Having pleasures is not at odds with taking care of you. Be aware that you can dose the sweet; choose wonderful fruits or refreshing drinks that can greatly enhance your smile. 5. Genes

Sure you know people who are usually methodical taking care of your mouth but who visit the dentist a lot and people who do not usually pay attention but have a good set of teeth. The reason is genes! Not only what we drink and eat, the family history itself is related to inheritable predispositions and, therefore, it is fundamental to diagnose the risk factors of both lifestyle (smoking, drinking, excess sweets, etc.) and of Type (diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis).

Remember that at this time you will offer more smiles than ever, and they also say that doing so will lengthen your life!

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