Patient Responsibilities in United States

  • Provision of information: Patients are responsible for providing complete information about their present complaints, past illness, hospitalizations, medications and other related to their matters.
  • Pain management: Patients should report pain to their nurse or doctor, discuss pain relief options with physicians to help develop a plan for pain management and tell their nurse or doctor if their pain is not relieved.
  • Compliance with instructions: Patients are responsible for abiding by the treatment plan recommended by the doctor responsible for their care. They are responsible for following the instructions of nurses and doctors.

Hospital Rules and regulations:

Patients and their families are responsible for following hospital rules and regulations.

  • Respect and consideration: Patients are responsible for being considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel and for abiding by all hospital’s rules in that respect, for example, rules that control noise and smoking.
  • Financial Transactions: Patients and/or their designated decision-makers are responsible for fulfilling the financial obligations of the healthcare provided by DSFH.
  • Insurance: Patients who are under the cover of health insurance should bring their current insurance identification card with them to verify the insurance plan information as well as ID numbers and other information. Co-payments which are determined by patients’ insurance plans are requested at the time of requesting the service.

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