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Wearable Gadgets Keep You Healthy and Safe

There are certain objects in our day-to-day lives that we hate despite their necessity, practicality, and occasionally life saving ability.

Take bike helmets for example. They overheat your head in the summer, offer no warmth in the winter, and they give you a bad hair day to boot. But if you cycle in a big city like New York then you’d need a death wish to forgo one.

Fortunately for us there’s a new breed of innovators out there who are cashing in on the wearable tech trend and the solutions it could present. There are more stylish answers to the boring problems that once haunted us than ever before.

The Invisible Bike Helmet

Two Swedish design students, Anna and Terese, came up with a revolutionary concept, which they hope destroys the notion that women don’t have technical minds. It’s called the invisible bike helmet, which is slightly misleading. It’s actually more of a scarf-like item of clothing that clips into place around the cyclist’s neck. In this scarf is an airbag waiting to encase and protect the head should a collision occur. There are sensors peppered throughout the device, which constantly keep tabs on the rider.

When there are a number of jerks and jitters that specifically indicate an accident is in progress, the head hugging air bag deploys. No more ruffled hair, no sacrificing safety, no more discomfort – so long as you’re willing to accept its princely price tag of $535.

Thermoelectric Bracelet

A common symptom of many different illnesses is temperature fluctuation. To keep a hospital or home at comfortable and constant warmth is a challenge when different patients need to warmed up whilst others ought to be cooled down.

This invention could help to solve the problem and lower energy costs in the process. The bracelet uses a thermoelectric element to induce thermal pulses in the wrist, which go on to either heat up or cool the rest of the body. It’s being touted as a way to eliminate — or at least reduce — the need for climate control in entire buildings and rooms.

Smart jewelry

This invention provides a discrete way to continuously monitor heart rate. This device aims to take big data beyond the glorified pedometers of Nike+ Fuelband and the like. It’s called “Pulse” by Electricfoxy and it’s worn around the finger, this device looks just like a regular ring at first glance, but it glows in three different colors to indicate if the wearer is above or below their desired heart rate. It also vibrates to let you know if you’re working too hard.

Easy Vaccines

Ok, these specs aren’t exactly a stylish solution to anything, but they are a pioneering way to simplify and expedite an experience universally recognized as unpleasant: the shot. The healthcare professional wears the “Eyes-on” glasses, which use real-time vascular imaging to reveal the best location for an injection or blood test.

The idea is to make the process more accurate, eliminate guesswork, and reduce multiple attempts at finding a vein.

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